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This was an amazing article! It allowed me to self-reflect on my habits and helped me clearly identify the things that are stopping me from showing up at my best. I especially loved the quote "Pain is indeed inevitable, yet suffering is completely optional", as well as the metaphor that accompanied it which was that when we get shot by an arrow that causes pain (such as loss or failure), we usually shoot ourselves with another one. The second arrow is the unnecessary and intensified suffering that we bring upon ourselves through negative thoughts and words. This metaphor brought forward the topic of mindfulness practice which can help us choose a more suitable response and break these harmful auto-response circuits. This really opened my eyes as I have caught myself shooting myself with a second arrow on multiple occasions, and can now recognize why it happens and be able to fix it.

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Thanks Maya, it’s amazing to see you reflect with attention to details and feelings. Now that you are aware of the habitual acts, you can have fun catching yourself in the act and choosing a more empowering response. The more you practice the faster you can bring yourself back on track.

Have fun with it! 😊

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This article was an absolute pleasure to read. I could relate to everything that was said about the nature of pain and how, when shot with an arrow symbolizing the pain, we tend to shoot ourselves with another arrow which are the negative thoughts, doubts, and overthinking that we do to ourselves. I loved how willpower was described as "infinite" and a "universal power" since it allows us to accomplish many things. That's why, through willpower accompanied by a precise vision, one can begin to take control of their life and build the best version of themselves.

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