Hello, I’m Hashim — the human behind Super Sunday. 👋

I’m an engineer turned corporate sales director who is passionate about building a life beyond the corporate title. Super Sunday is my intent to share this journey to inspire and support your own journey.

Let’s dive into the What, Who, When, and Why of this newsletter.


This space is dedicated to all things mindfulness and mindfitness.

My aim is to share with you insights that can help you learn about different concepts in psychology, neuroscience, philosophy, and well-being AND provide you with tools to apply this knowledge in your everyday life to move from theory to practice.

These tools are tried and tested in demanding corporate as well as personal environments and backed up by evidence-based research.

I draw on my professional experience in business and organizations, as well as my personal skills and continued education, to share the latest and most effective tools to help you unlock your potential.

Knowledge alone is potential power, it is only through taking action do we transform this knowledge into usable impact towards advancing our lives in service to those we love.


I am passionate about unlocking human potential through simple interventions that can create massive transformations.

I love learning, analyzing, and designing tools (the process engineer in me at work here ⚗️) that bring this learning to life for myself and for others, so that we can show up at our best in our lives, our relationships, and the work we create.

My obsession with unlocking my potential goes back to as far as I can remember - in school and university I always looked for the best ways to stay productive (so I can create extra time for fun). At work I continued learning about new ways alongside other skills like coaching, leadership, communication and vital skills that helped me grow in a Fortune-100 company where I currently serve as a Director.

More recently, I completed my Certified Well-being Coach training via a 12-month program focused on modern science and ancient wisdom. Thereafter, I decided to pursue my Master’s in Positive Psychology and Coaching Psychology.

This fuels my passion in talking about Mindfitness

Separately, my journey with mindfulness started 7 years ago when I discovered the power this universal practice can bring in generating focus, dealing with stress or grief, and building discipline to name a few. Since then, I have enrolled in mindfulness programs and silent retreats to deepen my knowledge - this has led me to pursuing accreditation as a mindfulness teacher; I am currently enrolled in a graduate program at Brown University as Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher.


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Flourishing is a positive psychology term used to describe a life well-lived. I find it very encompassing because it includes happiness as well as meaning and engagement in life, which provide a deeper level of satisfaction and quality of life.

So, why a newsletter about “human flourishing”?

I have always been interested in self-development in my journey to discovering my ultimate potential. At the same time I’m very happy with what I already have and very much like to enjoy my time in the present moment. So, do I live for the future or the now? Do I strive to actualize my potential or enjoy the pleasures of life?

With these two energies at play, I started to understand that life is a dance of what may seem as two opposing energies however in reality they complement each other as part of a whole. There is no future without the now, and the now is meaningless without the future. My interest moved me to see and appreciate both sides in all things; the art and the science, the spiritual and the material, the spontaneous and the structured - albeit with a personal preference to more structure than spontaneity.

Aren’t we all a mix of both to certain degrees?

We all know this already; Lao Tzu spoke about it 2,500 years ago when he described life as “The harmony of the two creative energies; yin and yang.” with the keyword being harmony.

And isn’t it always our choice to lean more towards one way than the other, to find that point of harmony, depending on our idiosyncratic preferences, context, and situation?

I’m very much fascinated by this freedom to choose, which makes each one of us unique in their dance. It is through this dance we express ourselves and engage with life - it is what shapes our everyday decisions, our relationships, and our future. If we’re conscious of this freedom to choose then we can take an active role in shaping our lives, and if we let go of this freedom we may run the risk of living a life we had no choice in creating and inevitably do not enjoy.

It is my hope that I can contribute to your journey of success and happiness by sharing with you what I know and what I’m learning in my pursuit of uncovering the “how” of living a fulfilling life and the choices this journey entails.

Enjoy the read and I appreciate you taking time out to engage, learn, and care for yourself.

Thanks for joining the movement!

Let’s go!! 💪


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Engineer, Corporate Leader, Well-being Coach, Positive Psychology Practitioner-in training, and Mindfulness (MBSR) Teacher-in training. Writing at Super Sunday; a newsletter offering weekly insights on Mindfulness & Mindfitness.